Data Privacy Policy

Private Data we keep in our very own records

The private information that we keep from our customers is their First/Last Names and the E-mail address.

We also keep transfer logs of the accessed data of our services, for security reasons, so we keep the IP address of the customer in our transfer logs.

For what we need and use such information

The use of such information is solely to send information to our clients about their login credentials when they buy our services and only for that purpose.

Additionally, we might use the First and Last Names and the E-mail address to 1) provide support or 2) send any e-mail about security or information related to the service bought by our clients.

We don’t sell or give any private data we keep to a third party company or individual and we don’t do any marketing initiative with such information.

For, privacy of our customers and users is a very important matter.

How long we keep that information

The information is kept while the services bought are active and, upon termination of such service, that information is archived.

How to delete such information

You have the right to request the complete deletion of such data from our database. Just send an e-mail requesting the complete deletion of any private data from our records.

The e-mail should be sent to:

Private Data we have access to

We have access to the provided information by PayPal regarding the payments sent to us via PayPal service.

This information is regulated by PayPal and their customers. We don’t collect information from PayPal: we just access that information in the scope of the services bought by our clients.

As you might imagine, we cannot arquive or delete your PayPal information since it is only accessible and managed by PayPal itself. Any concern around your private data in PayPal should be deal with PayPal.

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