Data Transformation

Data Transformation Services? What are they?
  An Overview…

During these last 4 years, lots of fellow Traders and Companies requested us to transform the data for their specific needs.

Some requested us to make the data available for them in Specific Databases (H2, H2SQL, MySql, MS Sql Server, Oracle DB, etc…) or transformed files set to be used in tools like MS Excel or Open Office.
Some of them, requested us to implement special logic to calculate statistics, averages or any other indicator directly in their specific input to inject in their analytic tools.

Others, requested us to implement REST Services that query and/or transform the data that they can get for free in These services are then deployed in their systems.

We can make that happen for you too, if you REALLY NEED IT.

Will it cost you money?

We need to code a solution for your need. So, Yes… It will!

Will you receive Source Code from us?

We deliver the data transformed, if applicable, and the tool to transform the data further for your own use.
So, in addition to the tool, you’ll get the source code that we built, specifically, for your solution.

What language does will use to produce the tools and deliver the sources?

Universal, global and supportive.

Unless, a specific requirement comes from your side.

How to get a quotation?

Please, send us the detailed specification of your need and we’ll send you the quotation and all the details to move forward.
Send us all the information to the e-mail:


Thank you.

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